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This is the sickest shit I’ve ever seen

This is so important.  Know your elements before getting tatted.  And if you are tatted you better have this shit memorized.

I really dig the Dot work but I don’t know if I have the threshold for the hand-poke methods. I have an old-school/traditional tattoo planned in my head already though. very cool stuff here

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bless you joker

you guys missed the point of this monologue. the Joker is a psychotic mass-murderer that repeatedly attempts to blow up or generally destroy the city of Gotham root and branch. He’s saying that he won’t really be punished for THOSE crimes, but TAX EVASION (not paying your shake-down money to the government) WILL get him thrown away for life without a chance of getting out. Essentially, I can murder all the people I want but the second I try to cheat the government outta their shake-down money they’ll take me down.

This REEKS of political undertones. As does a TON of media that people are too thick to realize. Writers put this sorta thing into just about everything they do, but they do it low-key enough that it can’t be taken as treasonous only fictional and comical.

This also reminds me a Al Capone. The only time he was incarcerated for more than a week was due to tax evasion. Everyone knew he was responsible for tons of felonies, but he kept everything so well managed that none of the crimes he committed (or had others commit) could be tied to him. At the end of it all, his deeds were well known, but the only reason he went to jail was tax evasion.

"not paying your shake-down money to the government". Yeah, because having roads, an education system, public services, airports, a social safety net, etc. is such a terrible shake-down. Goddamn, it’s terrible, isn’t it?

funny you say that…private roads, schools, and services are actually run at a better efficiency as well at lower costs than government run ones. Take about 30secs on google if you want to look it up. 

Did anyone spot the statist? It was a tough one


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the amount of onions (And IMO the type of onion) put into a salad can make or break an otherwise EPIC salad. and yes, I just referred to salad as epic, AND WHAT? haha

So I have a costco membership, but in my area a lot of the folks could care less about health, or organic options, so I typically don’t look at the vegetables section, but this week I was overheated and decided to wander into the vegetable cooler area and there I locked eyes with a HUGE package of organic spring mix with some of my favorite greens (I love really sharp bites like arugula, radicchio etc) and it was under $5!!! ohmigoodness I heard angels sing! haha Especially after finding an affordable gluten free balsamic AND a huge bottle of organic, cold-pressed avocado oil, so I’m dancing in my pants like YAY! it is complete, my standards are met, and my pocket is happy with this! haha I’m beyond myself and will be feasting on salads this week for lunch (I really love salads in all forms, I’m also addicted to the taste of and texture of the way lettuce crunches)

I know it’s trivial in the grand scheme, but this made me very happy and had to share, with strangers who prob will look and see how much I babbled and skip it haha. But needless to say, it was a pleasant surprise. :D Also if you have a costco in your area, check out the produce section, you may get a great deal and pleasant surprise too! :D Also, greens are typically high in Vitamin A and has a good dose of Iron and Calcium (when eaten with fats like the oil in your dressing) which helps with strengthening your vein/capillary walls, and help with bones and blood! a win-win :D

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decisions, decisions…I’ve worked as a cook, chef or private chef in some capacity for about 8 years. I really love working with my hands, but know what I want to about carpentry, so I took a welding course and am comfortable now charging folks for my stick welding abilities at least. I want to get a flux core soon to begin practicing but ANYWAYS…

I have been given the opportunity to go back to college, but the college near me doesn’t have a Biblical & Theology course (which has secretly been my desire since I found out it was a possibility to get such a degree!) So my friends/family have suggested to check into something with teaching since I was knee-high to a grasshopper I’ve been obsessed with knowledge and learning, and my mother, aunt/god-mother, and sister all say I have a knack for being patient and teaching folks something I’m passionate about. A few friends think I should just got for a nutritional degree, because I LOVE the science behind how nutrition affects our bodies and how we optimize them. I, being kinda money hungry (especially after almost a year without steady work) think if I’m lucky to get a free degree might as well take a Hospitality Management course. The curriculum seems like a lot of stuff I REALLY don’t care to learn and I don’t see myself retiring from this field. I want my own Bed and Breakfast making my own foods, not necessarily to run someones business or build revenue etc. Some say, why do something you won’t have a passion for? I’m torn because it’s a great point, but I have the most job experience in it to back me up when it comes to potentially getting a job. Some part of me is kinda pumped about getting an Early Childhood Education degree, and the curriculum required for it. Although, I have no experience to back me up aside from being the go-to woman at family/friend gatherings where I am in charge of the kids because I love them so much! The nutritional degree seems a waste because the nutritional information I follow goes against the FDA/USDA regulations right now, so I wouldn’t be able to work and keep my job giving conflicting info in a corporate setting.

So my question to you lovely strangers, which would you choose if you were me? Would you just not go? If you have any other questions to ask to clarify before giving me your input, feel free!

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so it isn’t totally cold here in New Jersey, but is overcast and much cooler than normal today. The perfect snack today, a big ole mug of warmed free range organic chicken stock with a tablespoon of acacia fiber powder mixed in. warms my belly and gives me a dose of fiber, can’t wait for the fall and winter to come already!

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